All Treatments That Eliminate Double Chin

What is a double chin?

The double chin is an excessive accumulation of fat in the lower part of the chin that extends towards the neck. This causes the cervicofacial angle to be erased and has that unflattering visual effect. It usually occurs in both women and men and, although most people associate it with excess weight, its cause is not always that.

What causes the appearance of a double chin?

It is true that the main most common reason for the appearance of a double chin is due to a high fat percentage. It is true, as we have mentioned, there are other factors that affect the probability of suffering from a double chin.

  • Genetic factors: If your family members have double chins, it is quite possible that when you reach their age, the skin on your face will sag.
  • Sudden weight loss: losing many kilos in a short time does not allow the skin to adapt to the new dimensions in time. Therefore, the skin located on the chin can remain empty and, therefore, hanging.
  • Aging: turning years takes its toll on the skin. The tissues stop having so much elasticity and firmness, and this causes a sagging.

What treatments eliminate the double chin?

The main thing for this is to lead a healthy life, it is essential for our health. Feeding ourselves balanced and accompanying it with the practice of physical exercise helps us to improve the image of the skin of our entire body. And if to that we add treatments such as radiofrequency, liposculpture, mesotherapy etc… we will achieve the expected results in a shorter time.

Radio frequency

This treatment is effective for people with moderate sagging skin. Thanks to this we achieve a double action: the size of adipose tissue cells is decreased and the contour of the neck is shaped thanks to the heating of the collagen that is found below in the skin.


Liposculpture is a minimally invasive surgery whose function is to reshape the lower area of ​​the chin and neck . It is recommended for older people who have flaccidity or excess skin.

Lipolytic Mesotherapy

If the cause of the double chin is due to an excess of adipose tissue, a solution can be put through lipolytic mesotherapy . This technique is non-invasive and consists of inoculating various substances that undo the adipocyte. This is how we get the fat to come off the epidermis and can be eliminated through urine.

Chin Liposuction

The perfect alternative for those looking for immediate results is double chin liposuction. It is a very simple intervention in which hospital admission is not necessary. Through a small incision in the lower part of the chin, localized fat is extracted, achieving a thinner and more stylized neck.

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