Are You Still Hungry? 5 Ways To Prevent Overeating

You know that unpleasant feeling that can’t be rationally called hunger, but still won’t rest until you satisfy your appetite? A balanced diet that contains enough of all important nutrients should not lead to such a feeling.

Let’s look together at a few ways you can prevent hunger before it catches you at the least convenient moment.

1. Corresponding energy intake

The basis of establishing a balance between hunger and satiety signals is to ensure an adequate energy intake that corresponds to our lifestyle , goals and individual needs. Many people tend to underestimate their intake when focusing on healthy nutrition, which leads to a restriction or deficit not only of calories, but also of important nutrients . The rule of “less is more” in nutrition does not apply in this regard, and the strategic solution is so often to increase your energy intake from the ground up, so that potential cravings do not even have a reason to speak.

2. Enough protein

Proteins have a high satiety effect , and their presence in the menu is therefore absolutely crucial for a higher feeling of satiety. For the same reason, their increased but still reasonable intake can prevent the tendency to overeat and the need to reach for nutritionally unsuitable foods with empty energy.

3. Fiber and healthy fats in the diet

If there are other nutritional components besides proteins that have the potential to induce a higher feeling of satiety, then it is the celebrated fiber and fats. Fiber is characterized by the fact that it slows down the absorption of other nutrients and thus increases the subjective feeling of satiety. Fats, on the other hand, are characterized by a longer digestion time.

4. Drinking regimen

It is not for nothing that it is said that hunger is just thirst in disguise. Inadequate drinking regimen is often really the primary reason why unwarranted cravings come. Increased fluid intake not only regulates metabolic processes in the body, but also leads to a better perception of the real feeling of hunger and distinguishing what is already beyond it.

5. Unconscious eating

If you regularly eat in a hurry, stressed and thinking about everything possible, except what is on your plate, then this form of eating can take its toll. Many times neither the body nor the head have a chance to notice what you have already eaten and what you haven’t, and this ultimately leads to increased appetite during the day. Focusing on conscious eating and consuming your food in peace is therefore an important step in the fight against overeating.

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