14 Skincare Resolutions for the New Year

Many people like to set resolutions for various areas of their lives when the new year begins, including skincare. If you haven’t set skincare resolutions before, it can be tricky to figure out where to get started. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 14 different skincare resolutions to inspire you for the new year:

Focus on consistency.

If you don’t have a skincare routine to speak of, then your first goal should be establishing a three-step skincare routine and doing it each morning and night. Tailor the skincare routine to your specific needs, whether that’s skincare for combination skin, dry skin, or oily skin. Consider setting up a habit tracker to help you stay consistent.

Apply sunscreen every morning.

Your number one skincare resolution should be to apply anti-aging sunscreen every single morning, no matter the weather or season. Your skin is exposed to UV rays even when it’s cloudy and cold outside, so don’t skip sunscreen during the winter. Wearing sunscreen every day is the most effective thing that you can do to prevent signs of premature aging.

Double cleanse at night.

Double cleansing is essential even if you don’t wear makeup, as it helps to remove water-resistant sunscreen that may not budge with an ordinary face wash. First, use makeup wipes, a cleansing balm, or cleansing oil to remove the sunscreen or makeup, and then follow up with a gentle face wash to remove any remaining dirt or sweat.

Add a face mask to your weekly routine.

Face masks aren’t strictly necessary, but they can be a fun add-on for an existing skincare routine. If you want to elevate your existing skincare routine, then pick one night per week to do a face to supercharge your skin. Choose a mask that will address whatever your skin needs at the moment, whether that is brightening, soothing, exfoliating, or calming.

Start using a retinoid.

Retinols, retinals, and retinoids help to boost collagen and elastic production in the skin, treating everything from fine lines to acne. If you’re not already using a retinoid skin tightening cream, then make it one of your skincare resolutions for the new year. Start with a gentle derivative at a low concentration to avoid irritating your skin, and apply it at night since it can make your skin sensitive to the sun.

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Introduce vitamin C.

Vitamin C is no replacement for sunscreen, but it can help protect your skin from free radical damage during the day, making it a great addition if you want to take your skincare routine to the next level. Ascorbic acid is the strongest form of vitamin C, but there are plenty of gentler and more stable derivatives if the acid makes your skin sting upon contact.

Learn more about ingredients.

The ingredients label doesn’t tell the entire story, but getting to know the ingredients in each of your products will help you figure out why a product does or doesn’t work for your skin type. If you haven’t already, set a goal in the new year to educate yourself more about skincare ingredients and what each of them do.

Stop tanning with UV rays.

Tanning either outside or in a tanning bed exposes your skin to UV rays, which increases your risk of skin cancer and speeds up signs of aging. In the new year, commit to using self-tanning products that use DHA to temporarily darken the top layer of skin. Not only is self-tanner free of UV rays, but it will also give you a tan in only a few hours, no sweating required!

Clear out your bathroom cabinets.

If you’re still using an old moisturizer that expired three years ago, it’s time to clean out your bathroom cabinets. To start the new year fresh, go through your bathroom cabinets and throw away every product that has expired or gone bad. If you tend to stockpile products, consider creating a list or spreadsheet that logs the date for each one so you don’t accidentally let more products expire without using them.

Use lukewarm water.

Hot showers feel amazing, but they’re incredibly drying for your skin, especially during the wintertime. If you struggle with dry and flaky skin, then commit to washing your face with lukewarm water and taking lukewarm showers that are only 5-10 minutes long. Also try to avoid soaking in hot baths or hot tubs, which are very drying for your skin.

Experiment with trends carefully.

Each new year brings a different wave of skincare trends. While experimenting with new fads is fine, use your best judgment when it comes to trending skincare tips. If they seem dangerous, such as sunscreen contouring and DIY botox, then consider sitting out those trends and focusing on a solid skincare routine instead.

Pamper your eyes and lips.

The skin around your eyes and lips is very delicate, so it merits special treatments that are formulated with those areas in mind. Apply lip balm throughout the day and at night to keep your lips from becoming chapped. If you’re not already using a nourishing eye cream, then consider adding one to your daytime or nighttime routine in the new year.

Keep a skincare journal.

If you’re not already keeping a skincare journal, then the new year is the perfect opportunity to start one. In your log, keep track of what new products you try, when you start them, and how your skin reacts to them. Patterns will emerge over time and help you identify what types of products benefit your skin the most, as well as which ingredients irritate your face.

Wash out everything.

If you can’t remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes, sponges, towels, pillowcases, and other items that touch your face, then the new year is the perfect opportunity to clean everything. Set a goal to wash them all every one to two weeks during the new year to get rid of any dirt and bacteria they might be harboring.

What other skincare resolutions will you be setting for the new year? Let us know in the comments below!

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