1337x | 1337x.to Proxy Or Mirror Sites List For 2024 [100% Working]

1337x proxy is one of the most popular torrent websites with a large number of users. Most Global visitors of Torrent websites share content peer to peer; they require these platforms for sharing files and downloading movies, softwares, games, music, ebooks etc.

Since many countries have banned the official website, most users find it hard to download movies or tv shows for free. After the ban of official 1337x, proxy and mirror sites of 1337x were all over the web and started to upload content like movies, softwares, ebooks etc.

1337x proxy websites are similar to the official website and can help users access the same features available on the main website. Many 1337.x proxy websites have emerged, and users might opt for any working proxy list we shared in the article. If one doesn’t work, the other one may be helpful.

They engage users with the content they provide even though it was unfortunate that the main website’s closure, these proxies are not less than the main website. Hence it soon became a famous place or address for many users.

Proxy and Mirrors are the clone websites of the official 1337x website having common data, torrent files, updates with different domain names. That’s why 1337x proxy is one of the best places for downloading TV series, web series, apps etc.

If your favourite website, 1337, is not able to be accessed by you, which means your ISP has blocked it. As the proxies and Mirrors provided in the website have the same torrent files, content and index as 1337x, you may approach them without any doubt.

Like many other Torrent websites, The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Extra Torrent site has taken a blow by government agencies and been blocked in many countries by ISP’s and authorities along with India as 1337 x proxies provide access to copyrighted content.

There may be a possibility of closing this website in the country you are in, or your ISP may be blocked, or the 1337x site you are using may be down temporarily. So there is a way to unblock the site by using a VPN or another proxy.

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1337x Proxy & Mirror Websites Lists Working In 2024

After facing closure by government scrutiny, ISP’s and legal problems, the owners or the providers of main websites came up with the same stuff with different domain names. The 1337x has a huge amount of official and non-official proxies as well as mirror sites. If you use a proxy, they pretend it to appear like browsing from another location.

Below lists are the working 1337.x Proxy and mirror sites in 2024

http://1337x.goblockt.comOnlineVery Fast
https://1337x.unblockall.xyzOnlineVery Fast
http://www.1337x.plOnlineVery Fast
https://1337x.immunicity.cabOnlineVery Fast
https://1337x.immunicity.plusOnlineVery Fast
https://1337x.unblocked.coolOnlineVery Fast
https://1337x.bypassed.plusOnlineVery Fast
https://1337x.bypassed.cabOnlineVery Fast
1337x TorrentOnlineFast
1377x ProxyOnlineNormal

Mirror Websites Of 1337x

  • 1337x Mirror Site 1
  • 1337x Mirror Site 2
  • 1337x Mirror Site 3
  • 1337x Mirror Site 4
  • 1337x Mirror Site 5

How To Download Movies, Games, Ebooks From 1337x Torrents

  • Open the working 1337x proxy website.
  • Enter the movie you want to download from the 1337x website
  • You can see added data like description, file size, screenshot etc., to get the details, you should click on each torrent name.
  • To download movies, click on the magnetic link provided below the title.
  • Before that, download and install UTorrent, BitTorrent, bit comet etc. Torrent clients
  • After the download of the torrent client, please copy and paste the magnetic link then to start the download, select it

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Best Features Of 1337x Torrents

  • The content is effectively inscribed.
  • 1337x is simple to search, browse, download and uncomplicated to make use of
  • Popup Ads in 1337x torrent sites are less compared to other sites.
  • Available content is refurbished and well managed.
  • Users in 45 different languages can access it.
  • 1337x site is the most prominent and evolving site and one of the top three sites.

Follow The Steps To Unblock the 1337x Proxy website

1. Unblock 1337 to Using Proxy Sites

Proxy sites change your location by showing that you are accessing from another place. Below are the list of 1337x proxy sites

  • 1337
  • 1337×
  • 1337.x
  • 1337 x
  • 1337 to

2. Unblock 1337x Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a communication software that works on internet nodes and diverts internet traffic from one node to another. It helps users head out for 1337x websites; this diversion helps conceal its identity and location. Tor browser studies web traffic and prevents shadowing or secret services. It allows accessing the internet safely by connecting independent computers.

3. Unblock 1337x Using VPNs

VPN is another way to hide the IP address you are using, cover your identity, and divert internet traffic by providing a virtual IP address location. There is a threat to your data, device while using VPN. There are many VPN services in the market, so it is better to use premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. We are providing you with the list of VPNs that unblocks 1337x torrents.

  • https://www.tunnelbear.com
  • https://www.surfshark.com
  • https://www.ipvanish.com
  • https://www.vyprvpn.com
  • https://www.hotspotshield.com
  • https://www.windscribe.com
  • https://www.privatevpn.com
  • https://www.cyberghost.com/en.us
  • https://www.ultravpn.com

How to unblock 1337x After Downloading a VPN

  • After downloading the top VPN Service on your device, connect it to another host of a different nation.
  • As you already downloaded the VPN Service, there will be no limitations to access the Torrent site 1337x.

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Best Alternatives Of 1337x Proxy Torrents

The Pirate Bay

With its features, The Pirate Bay became the most famous among the torrent sites. It’s been online for so long in one form or the other. This site is effective, and the latest contents are uploaded. The Pirate Bay helps to download files through technology that is a peer to peer.

Many torrent files are present on the website like applications, audio, video, games, anime etc., for The Pirate Bay website; proxies may also be available for this website. The Pirate Bay faced a ban, so proxies emerged. Accessing proxies is also so easy.

The Pirate Bay website is available in 40 different languages; millions of users are accessing from worldwide, so many countries blocked this website. The Pirate Bay can be easily considered as one of the best alternatives for 1337x proxy.

  • https://piratebay.live
  • https://www.pirateproxy.space
  • https://tpb.party
  • https://thepiratebay.zone
  • https://piratebayblocked.com


LimeTorrents is also one of the legal torrents containing a huge database updated with new torrents constantly. Lime torrents website is famous for music. Before downloading files, you can see details of the content. It is easy to find out whether the content is desired for downloading; lime torrents site also provides health metre to avoid unsafe content. Lime torrents provide content that is family entertainment. Based on above factors Limetorrents can be easily considered as one of the best alternatives for 1337x proxy

  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.cam
  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.pub
  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.vet
  • http://www.limetorrents.in
  • http://www.btdigg.in/limetorrents

Kickass Torrents

Even though it faced a ban, Kickass torrents emerged again with many working domains that tolerated government scrutiny. Kickass Torrent site has many proxy sites and mirror sites as well.

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Extratorrents can be the best option for 1337x torrent sites with its user-friendly interface, and massive collection of torrent files of various categories emerged as one of the most sought-after sites hence became popular.


RARBG has a sufficient quantity of torrents, leeches and seeders available. RARBG is the most opted torrent site. It also has mirrors and proxies available. RARBG is in the top 10 list of torrent sites. Details of every file are provided and are systematically arranged. Millions of users are retrieving content from the RARBG websites all over the world. RARBG can be easily considered as one of the reliable alternatives for 1337x proxy

  • http://rarbg4-to.unblocked.lol
  • https://rarbgunblock.com
  • https://rarbgmirror.com
  • https://rarbg.immunicity.host
  • https://rarbg.unblocked.bet
  • rarbg unblock
  • https://rarbg.unblocked.cool
  • https://rarbg.unblockall.xyz


YTS’s rating is high, also a good alternative to the 1337x torrent website. YTS mainly provides a collection of many movies easily accessible with any bandwidth.

  • yts. pm
  • yts.unblockit.ca
  • ytss.unblocked.to
  • yts.unblocked.gdn
  • yts.lt
  • yify-movies.net
  • yts.free-mirror.fun
  • yts.ai
  • yifysubtitles.com

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Wrapping Up 1337x Proxy

1337x proxy is a BitTorrent site with a p2p file-sharing method that provides magnetic links and 1337x’s proxy available with huge content; torrent site helps you download files. 1337x has survived online over three decades in one or another form, even though governments and copyright owners are restricted. Downloading and accessing the pirated or copyrighted content is against the law and is not encouraged.


Trendyvouge.com doesn’t encourage any Piracy or torrent-related websites. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a severe offense under the Copyright Act of 1957.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the article you are always welcome to discuss with us and we are always open to respond to our readers.

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