Natural Makeup? Follow These 10 Steps And Get A Scandal Result

If you are one of those who like to hurry in bed for a few minutes and you don’t have much time to put on makeup in the morning, we have news that will make you smile: natural makeup is one of the beauty trends that has been stepping on this season. In just 10 minutes, if you do not skip a step and pay attention, you can become the queen of naturalness, showing off a radiant and luminous face. A great result that you can achieve in an instant. It’s to keep reading and find out how to get it, right?

Why do we all love natural makeup?

If you are reading this, surely you belong to the club of lovers of nature and practicality. And it’s normal. Who likes complications? A very elaborate makeup is always ground breaking and looks great, but if you prefer to leave that option for some occasions and go for the natural in your day to day, today we will tell you how to do it step by step.

And is that, have you heard of the Glass Skin? Yes, indeed, a skin-like glass; hence its name! It is a trend – which we can see more and more on the fashion catwalks of the top brands – which consists of showing off the skin without imperfections, luminous and translucent.

For the makeup on your face to look natural, you should first hydrate your skin. If you pass this first step, you are closer to achieving that naturalness of a radiant and illuminated face.

As mentioned above, this way of putting on makeup that bets on naturalness has been gaining much strength lately. What is the main objective of this technique? Get a silky, homogeneous, shiny skin with marked features. And best of all… without looking like we have even a gram of product on us! One of the reasons I like it so much, in addition to the comfort and speed, is that it is a perfect option to enhance our natural beauty.

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Enhance your beauty by getting natural makeup with these 10 steps

The alarm clock goes off, you have an important work meeting, and you don’t feel like putting on too much makeup. Even if you bet on a discreet look, the point is that you have looked in the mirror, and tiredness is showing on your face. Maybe the last chapter of the series that you finished last night was leftover? Well, it may be, but that ending was worth it! The question, there is nothing to worry about. Get to work because you will be more than ready in 10 minutes and with just 10 steps.

Here we go with the steps for a spectacular natural makeup, super fast to do and with infallible results:

First of all, flawless skin!

Can you imagine starting to draw on a sheet of paint? The result can be a disaster, right? Well, the same happens with your skin. We remind you every time we can, and you must cleanse and hydrate your face so that it breathes! To do this, we recommend that you use a mild cleanser adapted to you and removes the traces of sweat and cosmetics that you used the night before with a stroke of the pen from your face.

Do you have sensitive skin? Our Pureness Cleansing Gel with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties will purify your skin in depth.

Hydration moment for your face

We reiterate how important it is that your face is hydrated before continuing with the next steps. This will make when applying makeup, the result is much more flattering. You already know, if your face looks dry and dull, it will be much more difficult to spread the rest of the cosmetics properly.

If you’re looking for skin that’s smoother than velvet, try our Intense Moisturizing Cream! It is one of our top products, and the result will leave you with your mouth open.

Attention! Don’t forget the sunscreen

This step is very important, and not just for natural makeup! You put on makeup as you do. It would help if you used sunscreen throughout the year, especially in the summertime when the sun’s rays are eager to hit your face.

Our Sun Protect facial sunscreen cream, suitable for atopic skin, is the ideal option to protect you.

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Get to work with the primer

Great, now your skin is clean, hydrated, and protected from the sun. How about applying the primer to your face evenly? In this way, you will create a long-lasting base and help the makeup spread better, and you will have super smooth skin.

The makeup base, your ace up your sleeve

Choose the makeup base that best suits your skin color. You can put it on with your hands or using a makeup sponge. When applying it, always do it from the center of the face and spread it outwards. Have you woken up with dark circles? Subtly apply concealer… and say goodbye to them!

A trick for a more natural result? Mix the base with a little moisturizer, and it will be to die for!🙂

Lashes, eyebrows, and eyelids: the touches to succeed!

You already know that our gaze speaks for itself. Therefore, we must take care of what we have around the eyes, following our chosen style.

In this case, for natural eyebrows, comb them and fill in the holes with an eyebrow pencil, taking into account the color of your hair so that it is natural.

Give cane -without passing- the blush

The blush is a basic way to give vitality to your face and immediately revive the complexion. Of course, since we are focusing everything on a natural result, be careful that you do not get out of hand! Take into account your skin color and choose light tones that do not stand out too much.

A little light for your face with a good highlighter

This step is quite important to finish giving your face that healthy and full appearance. Apply a few small touches in strategic places: the upper part of the cheekbone, the tip of the nose, under the arch of the eyebrow, and in the cupid’s arch – just above the upper lip.

The brown eyeliner, the winning trick

Perhaps we have always tended to use black eyeliner more, but a trick that works perfectly to achieve natural makeup is to paint the waterline of the upper eyelid with a brown pencil. Pay attention to cover the gaps between the lashes well… and you will see how your look is enhanced!

Finally, make your lips speak for themselves!

You already know, the final touch of all makeup is focused on the lips. In this case, in which you look for naturalness at all costs, we recommend a nude lipstick that integrates well and does not stand out too much. Choose a stick with a creamy texture that adds volume to your lips.

With our Luxury lipstick, your lips will immediately regain their softness. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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