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10 Main Principles Of Proper Nutrition

We live in a world of contradictory information, nutritional extremes and different dietary trends. They often go against common sense and do not meet the needs of the body. The truth is that a healthy lifestyle is not a science and that sometimes only we ourselves make it difficult.

Any active athlete who cares about his health should not forget about the food he provides his body so that it can function optimally. If we want to achieve better performance not only in the field of fitness, but also in solid health, we should not forget about ten key nutritional principles.

1. Eat real food

If food is to provide us with quality nutrition, we need to draw from the right sources. Industrially processed foods, semi-finished products and products, which by calculating their composition resemble a lengthy essay, are indeed rich in energy, but pitifully poor in beneficial nutrients for the body. Choose mostly basic and natural foods that are minimally (or not at all) industrially processed.

2. Make sure you have enough protein

Proteins are the basic building blocks of our body. If we play sports , we should focus on them with double emphasis. Think about having protein sources included ideally in each of your meals, but above all they must not be missing in the pre-workout and post-workout course. Proteins are found, for example, in meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, cereals, legumes, nuts, etc.

3. Don’t neglect fats

Fats are not what make us fat. What makes us fat is our income is greater than our expenditure. The days when they were a scarecrow are, fortunately, long gone and today we know that they are an essential nutrient without which our body will not function. Fatty fish, avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut, chocolate, high-quality oils – all this is not only allowed, but even more than desirable.

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4. Use carbohydrates strategically

Just like fats and carbohydrates, they are not something to be avoided. In the time around training, they will be the best “fuel” for us, with which we will support our performance and regeneration. There is no need to avoid side dishes, pastries or fruit. Such restriction is not effective within a rationally composed diet and will not bring long-term results.

5. Give green with vitamins, minerals and trace elements

If you want to ensure a sufficient supply of all micronutrients, pay attention to the variety of your diet. People who eat the same thing over and over can very easily slip into a stereotype that depletes them of these important elements.

6. Food quality is important, but so is quantity

Eating healthy, choosing sensible food sources and consuming nutritionally complete food is the foundation. At the same time, we must be sure that we neither underestimate nor overestimate our energy intake. Be careful to eat adequately for your energy expenditure and your long-term goals.

7. Give your body regularity

Do not starve your body or overwhelm it with excessive portions of food. The body loves regularity and needs a certain amount of reassurance to know that it doesn’t have to fear any shortage. According to your regime and discretion, keep an even distribution of food so that there are no one-time extremes.

8. We only have one health, don’t experiment with it

Look for a long-term sustainable healthy lifestyle, not short-term extremes. Get rid of drastic diets, limiting alternative nutritional trends and detoxes right away.

9. Fruits and vegetables on the daily agenda

If there is something that should definitely appear on our plate every day, then it is fruits and vegetables. Not only will they supplement our body with very important micronutrients, but they will also provide a lot of fiber and other beneficial nutrients.

10. Consider including quality food supplements

If you know that there are substances that cannot be contained in your diet exclusively through diet, give a chance to high-quality supplementation . Active athletes will be more susceptible to the deficiency of some nutrients, so think about at least a multivitamin complex.

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