10 Care Mistakes Men Should Avoid

We have put together the best beauty tips for men so that these common care mistakes no longer happen to men.

Although more and more men are becoming real beauty professionals and can easily keep up with the knowledge of their loved ones, some careless mistakes in the beauty routine of many men persist.

1. Do not use Facial Care Products

In the shower, the face is only “washed” briefly with water or shower gel, then the deodorant is applied and the clothes are put on and the day begins. The skin would certainly appreciate a little more attention – and thank you for an extra care unit with a vital glow.

The following products make the basic equipment for the care of men’s skin perfect: a mild facial cleansing gel (or a cleansing milk for very dry skin), a facial tonic, a moisturizing cream for the day, and an intensely nourishing cream for the night.

If you like, you can add a refreshing eye cream that counteracts fine lines and puffiness, as well as a moisturizing and regenerating face mask.

2. The Care Series does not Match the Skin Type

In the drugstore, people quickly reach for a few products without having first analyzed their own skin type. This care mistake is also made gladly by men.

A thorough analysis of the skin by an experienced beautician (or, in the case of very problematic skin, by a dermatologist) clearly pays off. So the choice of care products based on the skin analysis can wonderfully meet individual needs.

3. The Care Series is not Adapted to the Season

While the skin needs more oil in winter, it is all the happier about intensive moisture in the warm months, for example in the form of a refreshing gel or a light lotion.

In summer, protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation also plays a particularly important role. A day cream with a sun protection factor protects and cares for the skin, even when exercising in the fresh air or when strolling through the city. It is, therefore, worthwhile to place appropriate products in the bathroom cabinet when the seasons change.

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4. Use the Friend’s Beauty Products

Now let’s be honest: No woman is happy about a thick (man) fingerprint in the luxurious skincare cream. Apart from that, the firmer skin of the man also requires specially tailored care. With a special beauty series for men.

5. Ignore Exfoliating Products

A peeling gently removes dead skin. Peeling particles, for example from finely ground apricot kernels, remove these flakes and bring out a fresh, radiant complexion. This also facilitates the drainage of sebum, which can significantly reduce the development of pimples or blackheads

If you are prone to acne or have sensitive skin, the best way to free your skin is with an enzyme peeling. This removes flakes without any mechanical action and conjures up an even complexion.

6. Press Around on Pimples

Not only do numerous men “commit” this care mistake, but many women also cannot keep their hands off pimples either. The professional removal of skin impurities is essential for an even complexion. Otherwise, there is a risk of inflammation or even acne scars.

In the cosmetic cabin, blackheads and pimples are gently removed and the skin is given appropriate care.

7. Use Fragrances all Year Round

Autumn and winter are the seasons of warm, woody scents. If it gets warmer outside, lighter perfumes with an aquatic or citric note look wonderfully fresh. A classic winter fragrance for men can sometimes be too intense and heavy in summer.

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8. Use Shower Gel as a Shampoo

When things have to go particularly quickly, you like to use shower gel to wash from head to toe. The hair and scalp are happy about a shampoo that is tailored to their needs.

This is the only way to treat dandruff or hair that becomes greasy quickly. Those in a hurry can of course use the 2-in-1 product that gently cleanses hair and skin. These all-rounders are also suitable for sports or travel.

9. Neglect Hands and Feet

Nibbled or torn fingernails look neglected. If the fingernails are filed evenly and nicely clean, the handshake leaves a much more pleasant impression on the other person. The feet should also be freed of calluses regularly and well cared for – especially now during the bathing and sandal season.

Those who like to do something good for themselves can go to the beautician for manicures and pedicures. Tip: ask for a hand and foot massage. This is incredibly relaxing.

10. Don’t Forget your Beard and Neck

For many women, a well-groomed three-day beard looks very masculine and attractive. In addition, this type of facial hair is pleasantly easy to care for. Regular trimming keeps the beard in shape. If you don’t want to part with your full beard, you can keep your facial hair supple with special beard oil.

At temperatures above 25 degrees, however, the skin is happy to have a little fresh air. In other words: The long beard can confidently leave a bit longer. People tend to forget about shaving their necks. In between two hairdressing appointments, this can quickly be freed of regrowing hairs. So he looks well-groomed.

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